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Advice for newbies

Question 1: If someone with no agile knowledge asked you where to start in learning about agile (in order to get a job in our industry), what one recommendation would you give them? Question 2: If someone with a basic knowledge and some experience of agile asked you how to improve their knowledge and/or experience,… Read More »

Alignment a.k.a Collaboration

The principles behind the agile manifesto are clear in their message on collaboration: “Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.” Yet, there are still companies out there where the visions of the development teams and business teams do not align. They either have different targets or they simply haven’t taken the time to understand each… Read More »

The Cobra Effect

I have worked in lots of organisations where ‘management’ has tried to measure and monitor development teams with the aim of seeing how the teams are performing and then using that information to drive through improvements in performance. This desire to measure and control things can often have some unintended consequences. In the best-case scenario,… Read More »

Individuals and Interactions over Processes and Tools

During a talk last week about certain aspects of the Agile Manifesto I began thinking about the manifesto’s first statement Individuals and Interactions over processes and tools. I’m sure we all know that the textbook definition to this is that we value the people and the communication between the people above processes and tools. I… Read More »