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Duplicate Roles

Who can the play the roles of Product Owner and ScrumMaster? And do they need to be full-time?   The ScrumMaster Can the ScrumMaster perform the role of Product Owner? No. There is a potential for a conflict of interest. One of the duties of the ScrumMaster is to protect the team from over-committing to… Read More »

Product Owner | Product Manager

What is the difference between a Product Owner and a Product Manager? A simple question, but not simple to answer; opinions are divided and approaches vary from company to company. Following a discussion at London Agile Discussion Group and further reading, here are my generalised summaries. The Product Owner The Product Owner is a Scrum… Read More »

Commitment and Consistency

Would you be shocked if I told you that, during the Korean War, prisoners of war from the United States gave away military secrets, informed on fellow prisoners, and even publically denounced their country? Would you be even more surprised if I told you they did so without being beaten or threatened? Robert E. Cialdini,… Read More »

Too much change

  The role of agile coach is a funny one: even when you’re doing a good job, you can’t put your finger on a deliverable and say “I did that”. This lack of externally visible, tangible deliverables sometimes makes coaches (and ScrumMasters) feel they need to have an outward show of value. “If I’m not… Read More »

Commitment issues

“I don’t like the word commitment”, started Bob in a retrospective, “I don’t feel it’s fair that I’m promising the business the delivery of something that I have no control over [because there was work in the sprint that Bob would not be working on]. I’d prefer to use a different word. How about ‘target’?”.… Read More »

My problem with the ham-n-eggs fable

For those of you who don’t know the fable, it’s a conversation between a pig and a chicken regarding a potential business opportunity. Chicken: “Pig, I was thinking that we should open a restaurant” Pig: “Sounds interesting. What would we call it?” Chicken: “How about Ham-n-Eggs?” Pig: “Er… no thanks. I’d be committed but you’d… Read More »