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Slicing stories vertically

Most people agree that splitting stories into manageable sizes makes sense: stories should be small enough to be achievable within an iteration, but big enough to deliver something valuable in their own right. (For more on the content of user stories, see this previous post). But HOW should you split them? Richard Lawrence gives a… Read More »

Marmite Voting

If I had to keep only one team-wide meeting, it would be the retrospective. As well as being the catalyst for improvement, it is also the team’s opportunity to vent their frustration. In fact, raising issues is encouraged! Sure, the team has to go on to try to find solutions and ways to improve, but… Read More »

A back-to-front daily stand-up

Are you bored with your current stand-up? “Yesterday, I finished working on widget x, today I’ll start on widget y. I have no impediments.” Yawn! However functional it might be, using the same format can get boring. So I was very interested when I heard someone at the last London Agile Discussion Group suggest a different way… Read More »